Our Remuneration

Our Fees
The basis used to calculate the fees we charge is a matter for you and us to agree.

Fees based on the value of assets invested can give you a greater degree of certainty especially where our enquiries can be drawn out as a result of difficulties obtaining essential background information about your current arrangements from existing fund managers or insurance companies.

Hourly fees  are based on the amount of time spent on the work we do for you and are geared to the complexity and degree of expertise required. This is not a satisfactory method where the time involved can be uncertain.

Initial strategic planning and certain specific advice will normally be carried out on a fixed (lump sum) fee basis.

We are more than happy to explain how these work and discuss your most suitable choice for the work you would like us to do for you.

Since 31st December 2012 commission is no longer allowed by the regulatory authority as remuneration for “investment advice”.
It is permitted for the time being, however, for some other arrangements such as insurance provided the contract does not involve any investment content.
(N.B. Our work does not always involve the arrangement of insurance or investments)

No charge is made for an initial introductory meeting.

We will be pleased to provide a copy of our current Client Agreement (Terms & Conditions of Business) on request