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Auto-enrolment has arrived and with it a refreshing enthusiasm for saving for retirement.

Workplace Pensions are being set up by thousands of employers and the number of people deciding not to take part is proving to be much lower than expected…

Quite rightly so given the obvious benefits!


Making new arrangements
If you are an employer or an accountant, for example, and would like some assistance with the choice of pension provider for auto enrolment, please get in touch. We will be pleased to help where ever possible.

Reviewing your existing arrangements
This may be a good time to make a thorough review of your existing pensions, particularly if you feel they are not performing a well as they should.

Big changes are on the way
Profound changes to pensions and the way you will be able to take the benefits are in the pipeline.  These are good changes being introduced by the most knowledgeable Pensions Minister we have had for decades.

We need to make our own provisions for retirement even though the State Pension is being simplified and, for many, greatly improved. The fact remains – it will simply not be enough to live on.

The changes will help us to do this and enable us to decide how we use our pension savings.

Guide to Annuities

Planning for Retirement

Want to know how the changes may affect your pensions? 

Please contact Andrew Dickson or Kevin Froggatt or tel 01379 783272